The Connie Bryan Show - Oct'20 the October 2020 episode of The Connie Bryan Show, Connie is on the road in Montana, and covers a live Kalispell Montana COUNTER PROTEST/RALLY between a local BLACK LIVES MATTER group and a local TRUMP SUPPORTER group (some of the Trump supporters openly carrying firearms during their rally directly across the street from the BLM group that was of course unarmed) Then Connie shoots her editorial segment of the show live from the Montana state capitol in the beautiful capitol city of Helena Montana, and aggressively calls out the idiot anarchists on the Left for their unacceptable looting, rioting and violent behavior that if continued, is only going to get Donald Trump re-elected. To close the show, Connie addresses the ‘Big Pharma’ corruption surrounding the coronavirus issue with a clip from her July interview with virologist Dr. Judy Mikovits, author of the best selling book 'Plague of Corruption', along with a must see Big Tech censored clip of Tucker Carlson’s recent interview with top Chinese W.H.O. virologist and whistle blower Li-Meng Yan, in which she comes forward at great risk to her life, to state on the record that there is NO DOUBT the evidence shows that the Covid-19 virus is not naturally occurring, that it was in fact MAN-MADE by China, and was in fact artificially created in the Chinese Wuhan lab, that the ‘wet market’ story was all a smokescreen, and she reveals that China did in fact release the artificially created virus intentionally.

28 min 30 sec
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