Life in the Time of COVID-19: Yolo County Community Diary. Submissions 1-4

Davis Media Access (DMA) invites you to help document the history we’re making during the COVID-19 pandemic by participating in a collaborative, virtual storytelling project here in Yolo County. The project launches April 2 and will remain open until further notice.

Using your cell phone, you are invited to record and upload a brief (we recommend 90 seconds or less) description of some aspect of your experience. What’s it like to work from home? To home school your children? How is your business or non-profit adjusting? How are you reshaping your creative expression? How are you struggling? Who is helping you? What places in Yolo County are soothing your socially distanced soul? These can be serious, humorous, or informative. It’s quick, easy, free, and open to anyone in Yolo County. Please share with us so we can continue strengthening community through media, even as we’re closed to the public. Upload videos to

This video is a compilation of the first 4 submissions.

7 min 25 sec
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