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George Stoney, the “father of public access TV,” died on July 12, 2012 at the age of 96.

Media Edge marks the fifth anniversary of his passing this week with two videos about his life and work, and his never-ending support of community media:

"Everyone's Channel" (60 minutes)

This 1990 video documents the history of U.S. community television and public access TV, using rare video clips from across the nation. Combining unique archival footage from the early days of cable, rediscovered footage from the late 1960s, and interviews with access pioneers, it provides an illuminating overview of the people (especially George Stoney),  ideas, and technological developments that helped make cable access a reality, and stresses the continuing need to see it as a vital necessity and right. From the birth of the video revolution, inspired by the marketing of portable TV equipment, to the first access channels in New York City and beyond, "Everyone's Channel" portrays the evolution of an idea that refuses to die.

"Happy Collaborator: George Stoney" (55 minutes)

This poignant documentary by Mike Hazard portrays the late George Stoney as a filmmaker, teacher of film, and media activist. He is widely known as "the father of public access TV."

"Happy Collaborator" includes clips from 17 films, interviews with collaborators who worked with George in front of and behind the camera, and intimate recordings with him.

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