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"A Celebration of Natural Hair" (14 minutes)

Cheyenne Cochrane explores the role that hair texture has played in the history of being black in America — from the heat straightening products of the post-Civil War era to the thousands of women today who have decided to stop chasing a conventional beauty standard and start embracing their natural hair. "This is about more than a hairstyle," Cochrane says. "It's about being brave enough not to fold under the pressure of others' expectations."

"Our Food, Our Future" (3 minutes)

Our current food system is broken. We must move away from industrial agriculture to ecological agriculture, today. Ecological farming is a system which has farmers and food-lovers at its heart. It's a system which safeguards biodiversity and diverse and nutritious food on our plates. A system which reduces waste and decreases meat consumption. Increases soil fertility without using chemical fertilizers, and controls pest and weeds without chemical pesticides.

"5 To Life Compassionate Release" (9 minutes)

The terminally ill deserve to die a dignified death with loved ones able to see them go in peace. But for Allison's father, it was too late. Watch their story about the agonizing struggle against time and red tape that is all too familiar to too many Americans dealing with the criminal justice system.

"The Refugee Crisis Is a Test of Our Character" (19 minutes)

Sixty-five million people were displaced from their homes by conflict and disaster in 2016. It's not just a crisis; it's a test of who we are and what we stand for, says David Miliband — and each of us has a personal responsibility to help solve it. In this must-watch talk, Miliband gives us specific, tangible ways to help refugees and turn empathy and altruism into action.

"War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State" (70 minutes)

This film highlights four cases where whistleblowers noticed government wrong-doing and took to the media to expose the fraud and abuse. It exposes the surprisingly worsening and threatening reality for whistleblowers and the press. The film includes interviews with whistleblowers Michael DeKort, Thomas Drake, Franz Gayl and Thomas Tamm and award-winning journalists like David Carr, Lucy Dalglish, Glenn Greenwald, Seymour Hersh, Michael Isikoff, Bill Keller, Eric Lipton, Jane Mayer, Dana Priest, Tom Vanden Brook and Sharon Weinberger.

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