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"Tax the Rich -- An Animated Fairy Tale" (8 minutes)

An animated fairy tale, narrated by Ed Asner with animation by Mike Konopacki. Written and directed by Fred Glass for the California Federation of Teachers, this 8 minute video illustrates how we arrived at this moment of poorly funded public services and widening economic inequality. Things go downhill in a happy and prosperous land after the rich decide they don't want to pay taxes anymore. They tell the people that there is no alternative, but the people aren't so sure. This land bears a startling resemblance to our land.

"This Is Power to the People" (7.5 minutes)

This video tells the story of how the hierarchical structures of corporations and governments are being undermined by everyday people producing renewable energy and sharing it with each other. Could the result be a more sustainable world?

"The Laura Flanders Show" (53 minutes)

Two episodes:

1. This episode talks about alternatives to both soviet-style socialism and Wall-Street style financial capitalism, and considers what might the movements look like that take us to that new place. ​An initiative promoted by the Transnational Institute in Amsterdam (TNI) incorporates activists and organizers from all over the world in a conversation about what many are calling "new politics." If the Russian Revolution is what factory workers and peasants came up with to challenge inequality under industrial capitalism and feudalism in the 19th Century, and social democracies -- with their taxes and social programs -- were what liberals in the 20th century came up with to tackle inequality under financial and corporate capitalism, what might activists in the 21st century come up with to move to a less exploitative, less extractive world where power is more equally shared. And what might the movements look like that take us there.

2. The resistance and revolutionary poetry of Aja Monet, who talks about free-speech, accountability, the poet June Jordan and the fight for Palestinian liberation. Her new book is "My Mother was a Freedom Fighter."

"What It’s Like to be a Woman in Hollywood” (17 minutes)

What we see in movies matters: it affects our hobbies, our career choices, our emotions and even our identities. Right now, we don't see enough women on screen or behind the camera — but waiting for Hollywood to grow a conscience isn't going to fix the problem, says Naomi McDougall Jones. Join forces with the actress and activist as she outlines her four-point plan for a total representation revolution in Hollywood.

"The Bail Trap: American Ransom" (27 minutes)

Three short films from this Brave New Films series, including:

1. "Breaking Down Bail -- Debunking Common Bail Myths" -- Few people know what bail really is, let alone how it all works. This short video explains it all.

2. "Tai's Story -- College or Bail?" -- 70% of people in jail are there for one reason: living in poverty. Low-income Americans are sitting in jails for days, months, and even years simply because they can’t afford to pay high bail amounts. All the while, private companies are profiting in the billions each year. This must end.

3. "How Much Is Your Freedom Worth?" -- To shrink jails, let's reform bail. Money bail disrupts the lives of so many Americans in more ways than one. Even if you bail out, even if your charges are dropped, the repercussions continue long after you're "free."

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