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"New Jersey’s Money Bail Overhaul: A Success Story" (5.5 minutes)

A success story – New Jersey’s historic money bail reform! New Jersey’s new pretrial justice system provides hope and best practices for states working to end mass incarceration.

On January 1, 2017, New Jersey essentially ended its money bail system. The state’s pretrial incarceration rate has since dropped nearly 20%.

"New Jersey’s Money Bail Overhaul: A Success Story" tells the story of Tyler, who was arrested and given probation following an altercation with a relative. The court decided against prison time, and thanks to New Jersey’s system Tyler didn’t have to sit in jail for months to learn his fate.

"The Laura Flanders Show" (26 minutes)

Power politics and the politics of power - this time on the show, we talk with New York City’s Chief Resilience Officer, Daniel Zarrilli, on the decision to divest from fossil fuels and Clara Vondrich of Divest/Invest, one of the activist groups that helped make it happen. Also, author, journalist, Christian Parenti believes that we don’t demand enough of government but extreme weather will force our behavior to change.

"Can Trump Fire Mueller?" (3 minutes)

Robert Reich looks at how Trump might try to get rid of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

"How Protest Is Redefining Democracy around the World" (10.5 minutes)

The democratic process is messy, complicated and often inefficient — but across Africa, activists are redefining democracy by putting protest at its center. In an illuminating talk, political scientist Zachariah Mampilly gives us a primer on the current wave of protests reshaping countries like Tunisia, Malawi and Zimbabwe — and explains how this form of political dissension expands our political imaginations beyond what we're told is possible.

"A Tale of Two Cities" (12.5 minutes)

A Tale of Two Cities tells the story of citizens from two very different Michigan communities—picturesque, small town Evart and gritty, industrial Flint— that have found their futures inextricably linked by a threat to the one thing that all life requires: water. In our third short documentary, we explore the growing threat of water privatization and what happens when government runs a critical function, like providing clean drinking water, as if it were a business.

"From Danger to Dignity" (55 minutes)

After more than a century of back-alley tragedies, a national movement to decriminalize abortion took root. FROM DANGER to DIGNITY combines rare archival footage with present-day interviews to weave together two parallel stories: the evolution of underground networks to help women find safe abortions outside the law and the intensive efforts of activists and legislators who broke the silence and changed the laws.

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