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"The Laura Flanders Show" (26 minutes)

Laura talks with young activists Jessica Campbell of the Rural Organizing Project and Lou Murrey of the Stay Together Appalachia. They share tips on combating the right in rural communities. Then, Winona Guo and Priya Vulchi share their high school project - a crowdsourced racial literacy curriculum.

"Your 3 Choices When It Comes to Trump" (2 minutes)

Robert Reich explains your 3 choices in the age of Trump.

"A Funny Look at the Unintended Consequences of Technology" (11 minutes)

Technology should work for us, but what happens when it doesn't? Comedian Chuck Nice explores the unintended consequences of technological advancement and human interaction — with hilarious results.

"Rise Up Vs. Trickle Down Economics" (2.5 minutes)

Robert Reich explains why the only real way to build the economy is through rise up economics. Investments in American workers -- in their health care, job training, and education -- is the key to economic growth, not tax cuts for the rich and corporations. Our latest video explains why we must put an end to trickle down nonsense.

"Who Receives More Government Help, Stanford or UC Berkeley?" (55.5 minutes)

Robert Reich examines higher education in America, and how they are funded.

"The Real Story About ICE" (3.5 minutes)

Officials of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) are rounding up immigrants and immigrant rights activists, and terrorizing communities across America. None of this should be considered normal.

"Who Is To Blame For The Earth's Destruction?" (6.5 minutes)

The situation that we are lodged in is partly economic, partly infrastructural, and partly the habits that we grew up with - habits of competition, scarcity, judgment, and struggle. As we become aware of these influences, we are able to overcome them.

"Immigrant Prisons" (14.5 minutes)

Few Americans know about our nation's system of immigrant detention centers.

Each year, the U.S. government locks up roughly 440,000 immigrants in over 200 immigrant prisons. Companies like the CCA and Geo Group, got started in the 1980s, and have since made over $12 billion in profits, largely from immigrant detention. These facilities have grown into a highly privatized, lucrative and abusive industry that profits off the misery of immigrants awaiting deportation. These abuses happen behind closed doors with little to no oversight.

"Immigrant Prisons", by Brave New Films, exposes the abuses of the deportation industrial complex, substandard medical care, widespread physical and sexual abuse, virtual slave labor working conditions and highlight the incredible stories of three former detainees.

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