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“Our Fight for Disability Rights -- And Why We're Not Done Yet” (17.5 minutes)

Four decades ago, Judith Heumann helped to lead a groundbreaking protest, in which disabled-rights activists occupied a federal building for almost a month, demanding greater accessibility for all. In this talk, Heumann tells the stories behind the protest — and reminds us that, 40 years on, there's still work left to do.

“The Laura Flanders Show” (25.5 minutes)

Laura talks to SEIU International President, Mary Kay Henry and labor journalist Sarah Jaffe about worker wins, challenges, and some new models for organizing. Then, a conversation with Palak Shah and Michelle Miller on a new online platforms that's helping labor activists cooperate and win.

“White Supremacy and the Second Amendment” (10 minutes)

The sanctity of the Second Amendment for all Americans is a myth. It is a myth today and it has been a myth from the beginning. No matter what your position on guns is, the Second Amendment stems from an ideology that is rooted in the belief that white people have the right to control others with their weapons.

“A Brief History of U.S. Intervention in Iraq over the Past Half Century” (34.5 minutes)

To understand Iraq’s current reality, we must confront not just 15 years of U.S. policy, but a history that spans the administrations of 11 U.S. presidents. In this history — a history you never hear discussed on cable news — the main victims are, as they’ve always been: ordinary Iraqis.

“My Descent into America's Neo-Nazi movement -- And How I Got Out” (20.5 minutes)

At 14, Christian Picciolini went from naïve teenager to white supremacist — and soon, the leader of the first neo-Nazi skinhead gang in the United States. How was he radicalized, and how did he ultimately get out of the movement? In this talk, Picciolini shares the surprising and counterintuitive solution to hate in all forms.

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