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"2018 High School Scholarship Essay Contest" (1 hour, 31 minutes)

On May 6, Sacramento area high school students read and defended their essays in response to a quotation from Iranian women’s rights advocate, Mahnaz Afkhami: “The connection between women’s human rights, gender equality, socioeconomic development, and peace is increasingly apparent."

Sponsored by the Sacramento Chapter of Physicians for Social Responsibility, this annual event features presentations by the 10 finalists in the contest.  The first place winner receives a $3,000 scholarship; second place a $2,500 scholarship; and third place a $2,000 scholarship. Each of the other seven finalists receives a $1,000 scholarship.

"The Dire Consequences of Privatizing Ailing Public Water Systems" (5.5 minutes)

Residents of Flint and Pittsburgh unknowingly drank water with high levels of lead. The rise in lead levels was preceded by a miscalculation related to chemicals used to control corrosion in water pipes. Both places have another important thing in common: a private water company named Veolia.

"What a World Without Prisons Could Look Like" (15.5 minutes)

Deanna Van Buren designs restorative justice centers that treat crime as a breach of relationships and justice as a process where all stakeholders come together to repair that breach. "Imagine a world without prisons," Van Buren says. "And join me in creating all the things that we could build instead."

"How Cable News Poisons the Conversation about Abortion" (3.5 minutes)

Fox News isn’t just dominating the conversation about abortion; it’s also filling an information void left by CNN and MSNBC with misinformation and stigma.

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