Populist Dialogues - 17-34 Fear and Intolerance in Tillamook County

Helen Patti Hill talks about her book, A Brief History of Fear and Intolerance in TIllamook County, looking at the rise of fear and the resulting intolerance from the arrival of white  people all the way to the current era with the Oregon Citizens Alliance (2000) and racism in the schools. 

x Who was Robert Gray; why is thee a statue of him?

x How did the triangular trade impact the area?

x Why was the KKK so strong in the county when there were no blacks living there?

x What role did the PR campaign building support for American participation in WWI have on the development of intolerance?

x What was the Compulsory School Bill?

x Who were the LOTIES?

x What is the value of knowing our history?

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28 min 30 sec
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