Populist Dialogues - 17-36 We the People have the right to protect ourselves

Community Rights organizer, Paul Cienfuegos, talks about the concept and history of community rights. Community Rights measures are characterized by three specific provisions - they strip corporations of all constitutional rights ar the local level, ban specific corporate activities, and enshrines at the local level the right of a community to govern itself, regardless of what state or federal government says.  Paul gives us a quick history of the founding of the US, and how we ended up with a system designed to protect property.     200 communities in 9 states have passed such ordinances.  Here in Oregon, Lincoln County voters have enacted such a law recently, banned aerial pesticide spraying. Other Oregon Counties are also moving forward with community rights initiatives.  And we finish up talking about a new community rights organization, Community Rights US.

28 min 30 sec
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