In The Studio - Through The Eyes of a Refugee

Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Hoang Chi Truong (Chi Smith), refugee from Vietnam and local author of TigerFish, a memoir.

topics discussed include: fleeing Vietnam in 1975 just before the fall of Saigon as a teenager in a family of nine, her and her family's struggle to adapt to an American way of life while maintaining their own cultural identity, the importance of sharing this very personal tale of her life, which had originally been written for her daughter and son, with the world and giving other refugees and immigrants to the United States inspiration to tell their own tales.

Recorded 08/17/17.

See also In the Studio Episode #724 - Escaping Persecution, which provides additional details about Chi's escape from Vietnam, and how the experience shaped her experience as an American and her career prior to becoming an author.

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