TRAC - Fences & Locks to Jobs & Paychecks

A documentary on the TRAC program at the Washington State Corrections Center for Women. A pre-apprenticeship training program that teaches the basics of the building trades skills and life skills. The program is offered in the last year of incarceration so that the graduate can step out of prison and into their choice of 8 different unions as apprentices. TRAC is a huge success. About 40% of the women who complete their sentences will return within a couple of years having reoffended. The TRAC graduates? 3% Women who return to the community but not the same old life. They now have union jobs paying livable wages and benefits. Many of them are single moms who’s greatest ambition is to provide their children, or child, with a better start in life than they had. It’s a story that starts with despair and ends with victory. 

by Solidarity Films / Chuck Bolland Productions from Olympia, WA.

28 min 8 sec
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