Painting Journeys - Hillside Monastery, Rome, Italy

“Hillside Monastery” Rome, Italy

The warm sun is setting and the hillside is bathed in it’s glow. The colors and textures in this painting come to life with a sense of mystery. Who lives there in the old monastery and what is their story.


“Painting Journeys” with Artist, Kitty Lynne Klich, is an intimate journey on canvas to various destinations Ms. Klich has traveled. The one hour program features Ms. Klich painting the location, in oils, as she shares her painting process and tells the viewer about her experiences on that journey.

A different destination will be highlighted each show.

Ms. Klich is an Award Winning Artist whose Community Cable Television Show, “Gallery Works” won the 2011 Award of Excellence and Best of Show, in her category, at the Wisconsin Association of PEG Channels Video Festival.

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59 min 5 sec
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