Race and Social Justice

This collection primarily focuses on the Race and Social Justice Class at the Davis Senior High School.  

However, local content related to the subject matter of the class is also included in this collection for the benefit of our viewers. 


In The Studio - Community to the Classroom

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Tae Chon hosts Clifford Garibay and Ryan Gonzalez, local documentary filmmakers.  They discuss 'Community to the Classroom,' their first feature film.  It shows how a series of racial incidents in Davis, CA triggered positive changes through a cross-discliplinary high school course covering social justice, history and modern analytical techniques.  A number of students reflect upon the dramatic changes the whole experience has brought them and their community.

League of Women Voters Davis Area presents 'I, Too, Am Davis' - A forum on Social Justice

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The League of Women Voters Davis Area invites the community to participate in a dialogue regarding racism, equality and inclusivity initiatives in the Davis Area.

The moderated forum begins with a keynote speaker followed by a panel discussion, and concludes with a question and answer period.

The panel is moderated by Komal Hak, LWV Davis Area Director of Communications, Strategy & Marketing.

Our Keynote Speaker:

Sandy Holman

Davis Vanguard - Yolo County Ethnic Studies Public Forum

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On March 5, the Vanguard had a discussion panel on Yolo County Ethnic Studies Public Forum.

The discussion covered:

– What Ethnic Studies (ES) is and is not, from historical and academic perspectives;

– Why Ethnic Studies is needed in our schools and consequently in our communities;

– Updates on efforts to bring ES to schools in the county;

– Challenges in the work to bring ES to schools, and suggested solutions or steps to take (from the perspective of the panelists, including DJUSD educators);

Yolo United Against Hate - YED Spring 2021 Leaders Summit

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YED stands for Yolo, Education and Discovery and is a name play borrowing from the well-known TED-Talks. It’s an evolution of the Yolo Leaders summits that have been organized with local school, city and county elected officials and executive staff for over 10 years to gather and learn about issues of common interest.

From The Community To The Classroom

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By reputation, Davis, California is a 'liberal, progressive' university community with 'high-performing' schools. But as in many American communities, beneath the surface lay marked racial disparities in schooling experiences and hurtful race relations. Charting more than 7 years, 'From The Community To The Classroom' documents the transformative power that youth in conjunction with adults had on one community's successful albeit ongoing quest for racial justice.