Davis Vanguard - Yolo County Ethnic Studies Public Forum

On March 5, the Vanguard had a discussion panel on Yolo County Ethnic Studies Public Forum.

The discussion covered:

– What Ethnic Studies (ES) is and is not, from historical and academic perspectives;

– Why Ethnic Studies is needed in our schools and consequently in our communities;

– Updates on efforts to bring ES to schools in the county;

– Challenges in the work to bring ES to schools, and suggested solutions or steps to take (from the perspective of the panelists, including DJUSD educators);

– Native and BIPOC experiences in regards to Ethnic Studies efforts in Yolo County.


Dr. Melissa Moreno, Ph.D. (Ethnic Studies Professor, Yolo County Board of Education Member)

Daniel Engotto (DHS Student / BSU)

Kelly Wilkerson (DJUSD Educator / Los Rios Community College Trustee)

Justine Villanueva (Attorney and Author, Filipino American Parent)

Host: NJ Mvondo

Moderators: Anoosh Jorjorian

1 hour 43 min
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