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Make Music Day Davis 2020 - Song Showcase

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Make Music Day Davis 2020 - Song Showcase

KDRT 95.7 LP-FM ( production for international Make Music Day 2020 - Davis Chapter.


Hosted by Pieter Pastoor, Produced by Diane Crumley & Pieter Pastoor, Director Diane Dedoshka, Video Playback Jeff Shaw, Engineer Darrick Servis

Recorded by Davis Media Access.

Recorded 6/21/20.

Fall Concert 2019 - Emerson, DaVinci & Harper Combined Intermediate & Advanced Orchestras

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Emerson, DaVinci & Harper Combined Junior High Intermediate & Advanced Orchestras present

Fall Concert 2019

Greg Brucker - Conductor

Video Director - Bryce Parker

Cameras - Joseph Hendrix, Lee Navalta, Bryce Parker

Audio Recording / Sound Mix - Thomas Estes, EAV Digital

Recorded at the Richard Brunelle Performing Arts Theater

Recorded 11/21/19

Davisville June 22, 2020 - with Jumana Esau, University Medal Winner

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Each year, UC Davis chooses a graduating senior to receive its University Medal—effectively, the top student from a class that includes many thousands of accomplished students. Today we talk with 2020 medalist Jumana Esau, who grew up in the Bay Area and Jordan, about the award, why she studies climate fiction, the value of her English degree, her work for refugees, the practical power of a good story, and what she’ll take with her from Davis when she leaves.

COVID-19 Community Report June 23, 2020

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COVID-19 Community Report - Episode 25 - June 23, 2020

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hosted by Autumn Labbe-Renault, Exectutive Director of Davis Media Access, on KDRT 95.7 LP-FM. Tuesdays, Noon-12:30pm.