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Populist Dialogues - 17-37 Renegotiating NAFTA

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"The pushers of the economic trend of neo-liberal capitalism looked at NAFTA as a way to be cutting edge in their free'trade agreements...with the intention of radically transforming Mexico's economy."  Russell Lum, Trade Justice Coordinator with Oregon Fair Trade Campaign talks about the contradictory reasons for NAFTA's enactment; how NAFTA has transformed the US and Mexico; and what "We the People" should demand of a re-negotiated NAFTA.

Populist Dialogues - 17-35 Corporations, Revolving Doors, and Water Treatment

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Guest Floy Jones, founding member of Friends of the Reservoirs, talks about the now-approved Bull Run treatment/filtration plant (cost about $400 million) and why this is not only an expensive project but also an unneeded project.  She cover the chain of events for the City having made the decision and why the events do not support the treatment/filtration plant approval.

"The same corporations, the same revolving door consultants were involved in crafting the rule and they have been the beneficiaries of the regulation every step of the way." ~ Floy Jones

Populist Dialogues - 17-34 Fear and Intolerance in Tillamook County

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Helen Patti Hill talks about her book, A Brief History of Fear and Intolerance in TIllamook County, looking at the rise of fear and the resulting intolerance from the arrival of white  people all the way to the current era with the Oregon Citizens Alliance (2000) and racism in the schools. 

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Man accused of rape in Louisiana denied his right not to be interrogated without a lawyer

Trump's war on opioids will be an expensive, disastrous failure

Under GOP Federal spending soars

Hillary's Russian scandal, Uranium One

Libertarian running for Coroner in Pennsylvania gets encouragement from retiring coroner

Libertarian mayoral candidate in Scranton, PA scores court win for taxpayers.