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Health Focus with Dr. Scott - AIDS Awareness

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November 2021

Dr. Scott Anderson interviews Solano Public Health  AIDS Coordinator Robertson Somuah, MPH on the latest treatments for HIV and AIDs.   While most of the world is focused on COVID, the HIV/AIDs epidemic continues to claim lives every year.

Scott T Anderson, MD, PhD

Dr. Anderson is Clinical Professor, UC Davis Medical School. This article is informational and does not constitute medical advice.

Ten Minutes on Topic - Pandemic Update

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Autumn Labbe-Renault checks in with Dr. Aimee Sisson, Health Officer for Yolo County. Although we are miles ahead of where we were at this time last year, Dr. Sisson notes, "we may be done with the pandemic, but it's not done with us." Discussion includes current case numbers, test positivity rates and hospitalizations; boosters and how to access them, and holiday travel and gathering guidance.

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Recorded 11/22/21

15th Davis Neighbors’ Night Out - "Healthy Davis Neighbors Night Out"

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The City of Davis, in association with Healthy Davis Together, UC Davis, and the Associated Students of UC Davis (ASUCD), brought back neighborhood get-togethers for the 15th Davis Neighbors’ Night Out on Sunday, October 17, 2021.

Neighbors were encouraged to host safe, small, outdoor gatherings and meet or re-connect with those in the neighborhood.  

Davis Media Access set out to talk with a few participants.  Recorded October 17, 2021 between 4-7pm at various  Davis neighborhoods.   Video produced by Davis Media Access, City of Davis, and Healthy Davis Together.

10 Minutes on Topic - Redistricting in Yolo County

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Last year, the 2020 Census marked the 24th count of the U.S. population.  Census results are used to apportion seats in the House of Representatives, to realign congressional districts, and to determine how to distribute hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds each year. On a local level, Census results inform the redrawing of County, City, and School District lines to appropriately represent evolving populations and communities of interest.  

10 Minutes on Topic - County Crisis Co-Response Team

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Recent developments have seen Yolo County place mental health professionals  at law enforcement agencies throughout the county, including Davis, West Sacramento, and Woodland. Known as the County Crisis Co-Response Team, the Yolo County Health and Human Services Agency developed this county-wide program to respond to those in behavioral crisis, to deescalate those, and to avoid unnecessary and/or unfortunate outcomes for the community when interacting with law enforcement. Autumn Labbe-Renault spoke with Robert Villarreal, LMFT, who is the supervising clinician for the program.