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"Immigrant Stories: Doctors and Nurses" (7.5 minutes)

This video expose how inhumane immigration policies are forcing people to choose between medical care or deportation.

The Protecting Sensitive Locations Act would strengthen current guidelines, expand the list of sensitive locations, and prohibit enforcement activity within 1,000 feet of any sensitive location.

"Dakota 38" (78 minutes)

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"The Laura Flanders Show" (53 minutes)

In these two episodes, Laura and her guests address these topics:

“Healthcare isn't Big Business or Big Philanthropy” and “U.S. Democrats & Europe's Left."

"Trump's Brand is Ayn Rand" (5 minutes)

Robert Reich explains why Ayn Rand's ideas have destroyed the common good.

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"A Focus on Black History Every Month" (7 minutes)

The very existence of “Black History Month” suggests that, for 28 days in February, we should think about Black History, so that we can comfortably forget about it for the next 11 months of the year. But that’s a dangerousand sometimes fatal mistake, because forgetting or ignoring history can cause chaos.

Sci-fi Journal - May'18

This episode is currently not viewable online.

Sci-Fi Journal for May 2018 with hosts James Hinsey, Ian Kingston, Maddy Morisseau, Marc Morisseau, and Calvin Watts III. Ian does Popcorn Previews with trailers for ''Teen Titans Go! To The Movies!'', ''Upgrade'', and ''Hotel Transylvania 3''. Calvin does Game Over with the latest in home video releases and video game news, and an interview from CTGamerCon with Ryan Burger of Old School Gamer Magazine. Maddy does Books & Boardgames with new games and books to check out. Marc does Toob News covering all of our favorite and new television shows.

The Connie Bryan Show - May'18

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Connie Bryan's traditional late night talk show, live to tape from Sacramento, California, for her growing national network of cable markets(including Sacramento, Davis, Berkeley, Santa Barbara, Pasadena, Washington D.C., Portland, Oregon, Denver, Colorado, Minneapolis, Minnesota and Salem, Massachusetts) On this episode as always, we have "Fun with the Newspaper", after which Connie takes her viewers out to Berkeley, CA for live, on the street interviews with students and locals about Donald Trump after his first year disgracing the office of President.

Perils for Pedestrians

This episode is currently not viewable online.

-- We travel to Indianapolis to talk with the executive director of Health By Design, and learn about The Cultural Trail.

-- We meet the Indianapolis Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator.

-- We learn about the Springfield-Sangamon County Regional Planning Commission in Springfield, Illinois.

In The Studio - Insights for Parents

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Lin Weaver hosts Dr. Anne Dunlea, Developmental Scientist.

topics discussed include: how parents communicate and connect with their kids, how kids communicate when they're young, the value of disconnecting from technology (e.g. phones and computers), importance of having conversations with your kids when they're young, "Educate yourself about child development," what Anne does in her practice.

In The Studio - Davis Pride Parade

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Madeline Hamaguchi hosts Gloria Partida, Co-founder of the Davis Phoenix Coaltion.

topics discussed include: May 20th Davis Pride Parade, run & festival, what the festival is, history of the festival, 4th year and theme, why this year's theme, focus on youth & youth programs, partnership with the city, why the Davis Phoenix coalition was founded and sponsorship of the festival, plus other prgrams of the coalition.

Recorded 04/19/18.