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Sen. Dodd: Virtual Town Hall on Transportation Challenges and Solutions

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Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, hosts a virtual town hall Feb. 15 on transportation challenges and solutions in the era of climate change featuring Toks Omishakin, the newly appointed secretary of the California State Transportation Agency.

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Feb '22

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The Royal Museum of Mariemont in Belgium holds an exhibit that visitors find particularly intriguing: a fragment of a colossal female statue. The director of the museum, Marie-Cécile Bruwier, launches a full-scale investigation into the mystery surrounding this piece. Where does it come from? Can it be dated? How did it get to Mariemont, and does it really represent Cleopatra? The research will take her to Alexandria in Egypt and will involve dozens of specialists. Will the enigmatic young woman of the statue give up all her secrets?

NOAA A Decade of Exploration

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Thanks to telepresence technology, scientists are able to add their expertise to missions on NOAA Ship Okeanos Explorer no matter where in the world the ship, or the scientists, are located. This means that, over the course of the 10 years that the NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research (OER) has led expeditions on the ship, a lot of scientists have been able to participate!

In the Studio - On-Demand Barbers

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Jeff Shaw hosts Kyle Parker who is the founder and CEO of ClipDart. He spoke about why ClipDart was started and their mission to improve mental wellness through selfless, mobile hairstylists and barbers. Kyle discussed the launch of their iOS ClipDart app, and the android version coming soon. The app was build by barbers for barbers with trust and safety in mind, and he gave details about how the app works. 

Recorded 1/28/22

Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Jan '22

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Can a blind person see the Acropolis? Can a deaf person hear the sound of the sea? Are museums in Greece accessible? “Go, look, listen” is a documentary about the issue of museum accessibility in Greece and how people with disabilities experience reality. Disabled people talk about their thoughts, and their demands not only from a museum, but society in general. Without a doubt, issues faced by disabled people in Greece are the same as those experienced by those in other countries around the world.

In The Studio - Poetry in Context

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Davis Poet Laureate Julia B. Levine. She read two of her poems and talked about the context in which they were written. She discussed how she came to writing poetry, how she has enjoyed her role as the poet laureate and her plans for Davis, including a contest.

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Recorded: 1/17/22