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In The Studio - "Red Altar" History Unit

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The recent uptick in violence against people of Asian and Pacific Island (API) heritage, while of deep concern, is hardly new. A look at what grade-school children are taught--and not taught--about the history of racial intolerance for API groups is instructive. Retired teacher and racial justice activist Alexandra Lee-Jobe joins Autumn Labbe-Renault for a discussion about the need for Ethnic Studies in general, and the "Red Altar" project and curriculum in particular. #API #ethnicstudies #DEI #schools #communitymedia #DavisCA #yolocounty


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Born in small-town Oklahoma, Mary Thompson Fisher, later known as “Te Ata,” was determined to pursue her passion as a performer.  Supported by her undeniable charisma and oratorical talent, Te Ata entertained and enlightened audiences across the world, including royalty and statesmen. Throughout her travels and performances, Te Ata kept her Chickasaw heritage close to heart and shared the unique story and spirit of the Chickasaw people.


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First Encounter explores the actions taken by Chickasaws in 1540 during their first contact with Europeans. The documentary highlights the encounters, struggles and perseverance of the Chickasaw people throughout Spanish explorer Hernando de Soto’s attempted conquest. It was the first European contact for the Chickasaw, but perhaps the most important and set the standard by which the tribe remained for centuries and remains today - “unconquered and unconquerable.”


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Set in 1920s rural Oklahoma, Pearl is based on the remarkable true story of Chickasaw aviatrix, Pearl Carter Scott –the youngest licensed pilot in American history. Mentored by world-renowned aviator Wiley Post, Pearl first pilots a plane at the age of 12 and becomes a commercial pilot and local celebrity before she reaches adulthood. As she finds love and becomes a wife and mother, her two greatest passions collide.

In The Studio - Day of Duty

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Host Jeff Shaw talks with Kyle Parker who is the founder and CEO of ClipDart. He talked about his background, why he started ClipDart and the mission to help neighbors in need who want to look their best, and contribute to their mental wellness. Also discussed are services offered which include an app for on-demand mobile barbers, plus the upcoming event Day of Duty, which will  offer barbering, free food, clothing, school supplies, and support services.

Recorded 9/30/21

In The Studio - Yolo Conflict Resolution Center

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Host Jeff Shaw talks with  Kara Hunter, Executive Director of the Yolo Conflict Resolution Center. They discussed the services that are offered including restorative justice, conflict resolution and skills workshops, anger management, where referrals come from, how the pandemic has affected services and the successes they have seen through these programs.

Recorded 9/30/2021

Sen. Bill Dodd town hall Sept. 21 on climate change, environmental stewardship and the drought

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SONOMA – Sen. Bill Dodd, D-Napa, will host a virtual town hall Sept. 21 on climate change, environmental stewardship and the drought featuring a panel discussion with top state and conservancy officials.

The town hall will be streamed live over multiple channels and broadcast on KSVY Sonoma. Panelists will take live and submitted questions.

Who: Sen. Dodd; Wade Crowfoot, California Natural Resources secretary; Joaquin Esquivel, chair of the State Water Board; and Jay Ziegler, director of external affairs for The Nature Conservancy.