Short Film

Miwok No Matter What

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Filmmaker Ya-nah Geary Mandujano of the Paskenta band of Nomlaki Indians shines a spotlight on California's Indian gaming deal with "Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians" & two elders who have spoken out against casino development at a very special Miwok sacred site in Amador County.

Urban Flow

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Adam Magyar is a Hungarian photographer based in Berlin who is creating a stir in the international photography world by combining still photography and video in a way that explores the density and anonymity of urban life. His premiere work, called Urban Flow, combines multiple images of pedestrians into very long panoramas.

In The Studio - UC Davis Film Festival

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Edwin Edebiri, Chief Happiness Officer, hosts David Nessl, Executive Producer, and Anna Oh and Adrian Cacho, Assistant Producers, all of the UC Davis Film Festival.

Topics discussed include: film making, entering the festival, the types of films, learning about film making, and the 14th annual UC Davis Film Festival Wed & Thurs May 21st & 22nd 10pm, Davis Varsity Theatre.

After Life

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This is the next exciting episode of the series "After Life"! In this episode, we follow FBI agent Daniel Albatross once more as he emerges on the other side of the portal, where he meets his new "co-worker".

Music by Pro Scores

Excerpt from Basso Profondo

Meet The Producers - The Goblin Song

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Today we profile DaVinci High graduate Nora Unkel and her NYU Tisch School of the Arts senior thesis film project, The Goblin Song.  It is being filmed locally utilizing lots of local resources and volunteers. We also speak with Bonnie Wolstoncraft, Nora's mother who is serving as the local Production Coordinator here in Davis.