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In The Studio - Illuminate, Educate and Connect - the Mondavi Center at 20

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Host Tim Gaffaney spoke with Jeremy Ganter,  Director of Programming and Associate Executive Director of the Mondavi Center about the center's history and mission, its role as both a campus and regional resource, its diverse programming, the focus on diversity, equity, accessibility and inclusion, and their vision for the next 20 years.

Recorded 11/01/22

In The Studio - TANA Creating Culture/Building Community

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with the director of TANA, Jose Arenas. They discussed how the idea of a workshop of the new dawn got started, the groundwork to establish a location, the mission to find spaces for the Latinx community for artistic expression, to come together to share ideas and bring about change. They highlighted up coming events culminating in the annual Dia De Los Muertos celebration Oct 29, 5-8pm.

Recorded 10/4/2022

In The Studio - The Pence, for Art's Sake

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with Natalie Nelson, Director of the Pence Gallery. They discussed the history of the Pence and their mission of focusing on local and regional artists, as well as education. They delved into specifics of developing artists, not just showing their work, opportunities for young artists, classes offered, The Healing Arts project, field trips to the Pence, the annual Art Auction, and Gala on Sept 24 and how the proceeds from these fundraisers are used.

In The Studio - Back on stage with Davis Shakes

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Host Tim Gaffaney talks with Madeline Hamaguchi and Pablo Lopez, members of the Davis Shakespeare Festival. They discussed the structural and cultural changes that have occurred within the company during the 2 years of the pandemic. They talked about how Black Lives Matter affected the theater community, their shift to an inclusive and equitable process, the programs that have evolved from that process including the digital internship program and the Vacancy Arts Collective.

In The Studio - State of Arts

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Tim Gaffaney hosts Rachel Hartsough who is the City of Davis Arts & Culture Manager. They discussed the mission of the office, showed images of projects they have done and are working on, using art to promote social action, sustainability and environmental stewardship and how covid affected the arts landscape. 

Recorded 2/17/22

Make Music Davis Day - Davis Independent Music Initiative Showcase 2021

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The tradition of the global Make Music Day is to bring communities together for a day of diverse music-making including all ages and all levels of performance.   In honor of the international “Make Music Day” celebrated across the globe each June 21st on Summer Solstice, we present the “Make Music Davis- DIMI Showcase 2021.”

Virtual Juneteenth 2021 - Still We Rise

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Welcome to our Yolo Virtual Juneteenth 2021!   In celebration of all the challenges that we have historically and recently overcome, this year’s theme is “Still We Rise!”   We thank the sponsors and vendors who helped make this event possible, and we invite you to visit their websites below.   For more information on this important holiday and to make a Juneteenth donation, visit our webpage:

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In The Studio - Blue Moon Literary & Art Review

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Alex Silva-Sadder hosts Scott Evans, local author and Editor of the Blue Moon Literary & Art Review.

topics discussed include: how Scott got started as a writer, his career as both a writer and educator, what was the impetus for creating the Blue Moon Literary & Art Review, thoughts on physical vs. digital distribution, the types of work he solicits, who contributes, and advice for young writers.

Recorded 03/11/21.

Michelle Valentine - S4E4 - Publishing Advice for Writers

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Romance Novelist, Helene Radjeski-Edwards, will explain what romance novels entail (hint: it’s not just about sex). If you are interested becoming a published romance writer, find out how! Helene tells us how the titles for her books come to light and about the writing and publishing process. She also explains the roles of editors that play a part in the publishing process and why editors change book titles.