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Yolo YoYo's Episode #3 - On Stage, LIVE! with the Nickel Slots & Kiss N' Tell @ Thursday Night Live!

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Yolo YoUYo's Episode #2

See the Girls dancing with the Nickel Slots

and singing ON STAGE with the amazing Ericka Davis of Woodland's Kiss N' Tell

@ Thursday Night Live! at the Heritage Plaza

Hosted by Historic Downtown Woodland Group

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Berryessa Gap Tasting Room 3rd Thursday Open Mic Night - 08-15-19

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Berryessa Gap Tasting Room 3rd Thursday Open Mic Night

highlights featuring performances from: Ben Huseby, Cedar Cady, John Van Ouwerkerk, Ken Wilson, Michelle and Steve Martin, Mike Havens, Nancy Patterson, Sam Nelson, and Tarnished Angel.

Produced by Sam Hawk, Edited by Alex Silva-Sadder.

Recorded 08/15/19.

Yolo YoYo's Episode #2 - Touch-a-Truck - September 22, 2019

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Touch‐A‐Truck is an educational community event that provides children a hands‐on opportunity to see and touch heavy machinery and meet the people who operate it.

Touch‐A‐Truck 2019 was located at the outside of Woodland Public Library. Trucks and official vehicles from all over town were there to visit with kids and their families. The Yolo YoYo's visited, touched and played on tractors, a double decker bus, fire truck, garbage truck, an armored car, oil truck, crane, ambulance, police car (including a real-live chase scene!), wore a bullet-proof vest and much more!

Yolo Juneteenth 2019 Panel - Bold, United, Strong

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A panel discussion held at the 2019 Yolo Juneteenth Celebration and themed around Bold, United, Strong.

Moderated by Sandy Holman, Founder of The Culture C.O.-O.P., and featuring:

Jann Murray-Garcia, Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis

Calvin Handy, UCD Police Chief Emeritus

Marilyn Hayes

Rev. Jefferson, Second Baptist Church, Woodland, CA

Recorded by Aleem Shabazz, edited by Bryce Parker & Alex Silva.

Recorded 06/02/19.

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