Libertarian Counterpoint

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Credible threats of violence warrant self-defense. Who will deal with the psychopathic ruler of North Korea?

Forest mismanagement and wildfires are related; what to do?

Treating drug abuse as a health problem leads to less crime and fewer deaths. Will Federal Government adopt sane drug laws?

Has the demonization of law enforcement by divisive propaganda and actions degraded public safety?

Have the disruptive, destructive, and violent actions of certain political action groups qualified them as terrorists?

Libertarian Counterpoint

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• Occupational licensing regarding dentists is hurting poor people

• Tourists can buy weed in Vegas but can't smoke it anywhere

• Pre-crime in Georgia — persecuting alleged intent?

• Poor neighborhoods in Vegas getting destroyed by civil asset forfeiture

• Thomas Jefferson warned: a poorly educated society will not remain free. How does government monopoly K-12 schooling affect this?

• Are government entitlement programs Ponzi schemes?

Libertarian Counterpoint

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1. Duarte Nursery vs Corps of Engineers which resulted in a farmer settling for $1.1 million dollars in fines for plowing a field. Information can be found on Pacific Legal Foundations Web Site.

2. The lame stream media’s selective approach to first amendment rights. Should everyone have the right to protest and hold rallies or only those that are politically correct or supported by the left? Charlottesville Rally rally and the resulting violence. A libertarian perspective.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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Service Employees International Union sponsored AB 1250 would stop outsourcing of financial, economic, accounting, engineering, legal, etc jobs by counties.

The NFL offers to collaborate with the player's union on cannabis research for pain control.

CSU is dropping its algebra requirement for non-math and science majors.

Ephemerisle and Seasteading.

The war on hydroponic tomatoes by overzealous narcs.

FDA is warming to vaping as less harmful than smoking tobacco.

Libertarian Counterpoint

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The GOP Obamacare repeal and replace debacle.

The Trump proposal to halve legal immigration and go to a merit-based system.

Trump plans to start a trade war with China starting with steel tariffs.

Trump applauds police being rough with suspects in speech to cops. Cops applaud Trump.

Trump's military transgender "ban" that he forgot to tell his generals about.

The rise of the sex bots.


Libertarian Counterpoint

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The problem of actually using city owned undeveloped property in Dixon.

Toronto retired mechanic Adi Asti spent $550 on materials and hiring a homeless man to build a set of stairs in a community park that city fathers wanted to spend $65.000 on...whenever they got around to it. In spite of accidents being prevented by the stairs, city fathers are not happy.

A vigilante pothole team is fixing roads in Santa Cruz County over the objections of county officials...and preventing many thousands of dollars in tire damage in doing so.