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BIZ101U TV - Goverment Influence on Business - M Basayne

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"GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE ON BUSINESS: featuring Mike Basayne - Candidate for Napa County Treasurer" where Host Rose Sheehan interviews Mike Basayne, Business Expert, Chair of the Napa County Tax appeals Board, and Candidate for Napa County Treasurer on what it takes to build a business successfully.

The City Considers - Catching Up with Valley Clean Energy

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Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts Lucas Frerichs, City of Davis Council Member and Valley Clean Energy board member, and Don Saylor,  Yolo County Supervisor and Valley Clean Energy board member, to discuss VCE's first 18 months of operations and its bid to buy PG&E's assets in Yolo County.

Recorded 12/10/19.

In The Studio - The League of Women Voters Davis

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Lin Weaver hosts Mary Jo Bryan, Acting President, Georgina Valencia, Acting Secretary, and Bob Fung, Acting Vice President, all of the League of Women Voters of Davis.

topics discussed include: history of the league and the Davis chapter, why Davis chapter folded and why it is restarting, how CivEnergy is involved with the league, bringing the league into the current media landscape, how city is incorporated, goals.

Recorded 7/17/19.

Davis Vanguard Presents: Davis Affordable Housing Forum - Focus on Policymakers

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This is the first of a three part forum on Affordable Housing in Davis, CA.   This first episode features policymakers. 

Part two in April 2019 will feature providers.  And Part three in May 2019 will feature affordable housing tenants and users and those in need of housing.

The event was held on Thursday, March 21 from 7 to 9 pm at Repower Yolo/ Indigo Building at 909 5th St - Davis and recorded by Davis Media Access

Immigration Law: Defending Immigrant Rights and Keeping Families Together - Matt Gonzalez

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Immigration Law: Defending Immigrant Rights and Keeping Families Together by Matt Gonzalez.

Featured speech from the Vanguard Court Watch 8th Annual Fundraiser.

Immigration is a highly charged and important issue in our nation today. The event features two speakers who have been on the front lines of defending the rights of immigrants and their families.