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Ending Corporate Personhood - David Cobb - Pt1

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“Ending Corporate Personhood” - David Cobb - Part 1 of 2

David Cobb explains why it is essential to end corporate personhood and bar equating money with freedom of speech. The history of corporations from Roman times is outlined. How corporations have abused their power is shown with numerous examples from the ‘Age of Discovery’ to modern times. David explains how ludicrous it was for the American colonists to go on bended knee to ask to be treated fairly.

Senator Bill Dodd Virtual Town Hall 02/09/21: COVID-19 and Housing

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A virtual Town Hall produced by Senator Bill Dodd and SonomaTV, in Sonoma CA. 

The topic is COVID-19 and Housing, featuring updates on the vaccine rollout, the eviction moratorium extension and presentations from state officials on housing and homelessness.

Thanks to Bob Taylor of SonomaTV!

Re-aired with permission.



This episode is currently not viewable online.

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Connie begins this powerful episode with the warning from President Eisenhower about guarding against dangerous misplaced power, she addresses the fraudulent election of an illegitimate President who is a compromised Chinese agent, and she details what We the People have to do at the LOCAL LEVEL to save our Republic from the existential threat it is facing from an attempted overthrow from within.

A Foot In Both Worlds - A Visit With Michael A. Lilly

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Most people know Michael Lilly as a former Hawaii attorney general as well as the lead attorney for Judicial Watch and the Grassroot Institute in the recent Nai Aupuni US Supreme Court Case. Very few however realize that Mike is also a fifth generation Hawaii resident and a direct descendant of Hawaiian Kingdom Nationals. Even more astounding is that several of his ancestors were advisors and confidants to Kamehameha V, Kalakaua and Queen Liliuokalani.

A Fence Around Heaven - A Visit With Summer

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What if someone poured dirt all over your family’s grave? What if they even went so far as to contaminate your food source? And what if when you confronted them they didn’t even care? That’s exactly what made Summer become a self-appointed caretaker of Ka`ena Point. See for yourself what one amazing person is doing to protect one of O`ahu’s most beautiful and sacred sites.

A Boston Hawaiian - A Visit With Al Kuahi Wong

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It was very far from Hawaii when he first landed in Boston, but Kuahi knew for him it was home. And after discovering other Hawaiians in the area, he started Wahi Ku Moku - the Boston Hawaiian Club. But everything changed upon receiving a call from the late John “Butch” Kekahu in Anahola, Kauai asking him to help produce the now historic Aloha March of 1998. Soon after, Butch invited Kuahi to become a Koani Foundation director.

50th State Fraud - A Visit With Professor Williamson Chang

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Imagine the surprise University Of Hawaii Professor Williamson Chang got when he discovered the US has been using sleight of hand all these years to claim Hawaii as the 50th state. He found that not only was there never a treaty of annexation, but the US never named a single Hawaiian island in legal documents to acquire Hawaii as a territory or when the so-called statehood vote occurred in 1959. To his amazement, Professor Chang even found records of US senators discussing their cover up and their efforts to make it all look legit.

COVID-19 Community Report Special October 27, 2020

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COVID-19 Community Report - Special - October 27, 2020

Autumn Labbe-Renault hosts Beth Banks, Sara Tillema, Seth Castleman, Pamela Dolan, and Anne Kjemtrup to discuss an interfaith initiative around this year's election.

Originally recorded for KDRT:

hosted by Autumn Labbe-Renault, Executive Director of Davis Media Access. COVID-19 Community Report airs on KDRT 95.7 LP-FM. Tuesdays, Noon-12:30pm.