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Ancient Stones Of Kaiaka - A Visit With Malia Evans

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When you first arrive at Kaiaka Bay, it looks like another beautiful beach park, near Oahuʻs north shore. But then you see it - the massive stone sitting elevated in the middle of everything. When we met up with Malia Evans, our first question was “what is that and how in the world did it get here?” Donʻt miss our amazing visit with Malia as she explains the ancient stones of Kaiaka and why this park was such a sacred and important place in ancient times of old Hawaii.

Aloha Aina Activist - A Visit With Joshua Noga

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If youʻve ever wondered why Hawaiians are so passionate about Hawaii, you donʻt have to look any further than Joshua Noga. Aloha aina is the Hawaiian phrase for love of land and as we discovered, those two words perfectly describe Joshua. An activist dedicated to preserving Hawaiiʻs land and natural resources for generations to come, he helped produce some of the Aha Aloha Aina self-governance workshops which have been instrumental in preparing for an independent Hawaii. Join us in our visit with Joshua and we bet some of his passion for a Free Hawaii will rub off on you, too.