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Stand Up Comedy, Guest Interviews, Musical Parodies & Comedy Sketches. Based out of Sacramento, Connie is now bringing her show to Davis, CA.


The Connie Bryan Show - Apr'21

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The most powerful 'truth to power' episode of 'The Connie Bryan Show' to date, exposing the huge hypocrisy, mass propaganda and lies on BOTH the radical 'LEFT' and the evangelical conservative far ‘Right’. Connie delivers an eye opening message on spiritual truth & liberty, verses the lies of 'The Big Three' organized religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam that continue to be the primary roadblock to REAL SPIRITUAL AWAKENING and world peace for humanity.

The Connie Bryan Show - Mar'21 - Herd Stupidity

This episode is currently not viewable online.

On this strong episode, Connie begins with amazing actual footage proving that the Capitol Police staged and coordinated the shooting of unarmed 14 year Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt...Connie narrates the footage (filmed by an individual who has now been exposed as a well known BLM activist, and who calls himself 'JAYDENX' on Youtube) which shows the Capitol police standing in front of the hallway barring entrance, with the crowd completely under control.


This episode is currently not viewable online.

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Connie begins this powerful episode with the warning from President Eisenhower about guarding against dangerous misplaced power, she addresses the fraudulent election of an illegitimate President who is a compromised Chinese agent, and she details what We the People have to do at the LOCAL LEVEL to save our Republic from the existential threat it is facing from an attempted overthrow from within.


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On this special December 16th 2020 edition of 'The Connie Bryan Show', Connie Bryan speaks at a 'SAVE OUR BUSINESSES' event in Sacramento County. She reads the 'RECLAMATION OF INDEPENDENCE' document she recently wrote for American small business owners who are having their God-given freedom to operate their businesses attacked and destroyed by the UNAMERICAN and UNCONSTITUTIONAL abuse of power of California Governor Gavin Newsom. At the event Connie delivers a strong speech on behalf of protecting small businesses and The American Dream for 'We the People'.

The Connie Bryan Show - Stop the Steal Protest - SPECIAL REPORT

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This powerful mini-documentary is an election SPECIAL REPORT episode of "The Connie Bryan Show"...Connie takes you live to the state capitol of California for the first "STOP THE STEAL" protest event on Saturday November 7th. The event was huge, and Connie interviewed many Americans of all diversities, from both the Democrat and Republican party, who shared their disgust and patriotic anger regarding the blatant massive voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential election.

The Connie Bryan Show - Nov'20

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On this very hard hitting November 2020 episode, Connie shoots the show live at California's STATE CAPITOL, calling out Governor Gavin Newsom's abuse of authority and massive constitutional overreach, most recently with his INSANE THANKSGIVING 'NAZI RESTRICTIONS', showing himself to be one of the leading 'Marxist threats' taking over the Democratic Party today.

The Connie Bryan Show - Oct'20

Click here to View online the October 2020 episode of The Connie Bryan Show, Connie is on the road in Montana, and covers a live Kalispell Montana COUNTER PROTEST/RALLY between a local BLACK LIVES MATTER group and a local TRUMP SUPPORTER group (some of the Trump supporters openly carrying firearms during their rally directly across the street from the BLM group that was of course unarmed) Then Connie shoots her editorial segment of the show live from the Montana state capitol in the beautiful capitol city of Helena Montana, and aggressively

The Connie Bryan Show - Sep'20

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Connie's very funny parody and impersonation/comedy sketch of Mike Myers' "Waynes World", plus commentary on the huge amount of media hype around the "panic-demic", followed by clips of top doctors and epidemiologists speaking out exposing that exaggerated hype, truthful information the media has intentionally ignored...The show concludes with a portion of Connie's equally funny Sesame Street "Elmo" sketch...Elmo deals with the mainstream media too, and teaches kids that "A" is for "AGENDA"!

The Connie Bryan Show - Aug'20

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On the August 2020 episode of The Connie Bryan Show, Connie takes you out to Helena, the capitol of Montana, where she interviewed a young protester carrying a sign that read 'Police Are Not Above the Law'...Connie discusses police reform in depth...And more on the coronavirus and the exaggerated, dishonest narrative in the reality show media masquerading as the 'news' that is the biggest 'infection threat' our nation faces. Connie also shares a clip from her recent live music performance in Bear Lake Utah at Conestoga Ranch.