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BANG! The Musical

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A unique combination of science and entertainment!

Experience the evolution of the universe from the Big Bang to present day earth in just 1 hour! Original music, lyrics, and production by Portland composer Fred Strong, it is the world's first Humanist/Freethought musical. Recorded live in Portland Oregon December 2012.

Taiko Drumming with Davis Wakamatsu Taiko Dan

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A perfomance  by Davis Wakamatsu Taiko Dan at Central Park Davis on 10/06/19.

Davis Wakamatsu (Young Pine) Taiko Dan is a Davis community group dedicated to studying and sharing with the community the Jpanese art of Taiko Drumming. Founded in 2002, members range in age from 7 to 76. Children's classes are taught through Davis City Recreation.

Meat File - Physicians, Scientists and Nutritionists Speak Out

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250 millions tons of meat are consumed annually worldwide. The increasing meat consumption determines our future.

The steadily growing meat production sector has drastic consequences not only to the ecological and climatic balance of the Earth, but also to our health. But where does meat come from and under what circumstances is it produced? MEAT FILE provides facts about livestock production, animal husbandry and slaughter, as well as the effects on people and the Planet Earth.

Francis Resta on Dutch TV

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World War II combat veteran Francis Resta travelled to Europe for the 75th anniversary activities and was interviewed by Dutch television. One of Francis' goals for the trip was to connect with the family of the Dutch doctor who saved his leg.

Cuba, Libre? - Pt1 - Voices of the Past

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Part 1 of "Cuba, Libre?" shows Cuba as an glamorous tropical tourist destination in the years before Fidel Castro led a revolution that ousted the government of Fulgencio Batista which had been favorable to the U.S., and replaced it with a Communist government that was allied with America's nemesis, the Soviet Union.

This first half of the documentary also includes archival footage from the Castro revolution, the break in U.S.-Cuba diplomatic relations, the aborted Bay of Pigs invasion of the island nation, and the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962.

Cuba, Libre? - Pt2 - Voices of the Present

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Part 1 of "Cuba, Libre?" showed Cuba as an exotic tourist destinations for Americans during the decades before the revolution led by Fidel Castro in the late 1950s ultimately resulted in the severing of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States.

In part 2 of the documentary, five travel writers describe how Cuba changed from the early 1990s when, after the demise of Cuba's financial benefactor, the government of Fidel Castro began to look to tourism to bolster the country's sagging economy and American tourists began to visit the island once again.