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World Reggae Party - Carlos Walker

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New graphic and portrait artist Carlos Walker is coming into the DMV art scene with his reverse racism focused art! His greatest art is notably'' ''Walk in a Mile in Our Shoes'' due to the fact that his pictures shows the Black experience, in this exhibit. Walker seeks to show a mirror effect to Caucasians to inspire how cruel racism is in the Black community.


World Reggae Party - Chelsea Joseph

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Chelsea Joseph is a young millennial soaring high as a multi media mogul in the DMV area: D.C./Maryland/Virginia. She and I: Goddess Genise discuss Reggae, Soca, and other forms of Reggae in the DMV, where Reggae is going in the DMV, how to highlight Soca music, how to be a woman in Reggae and many other topics! So sit back, relax and enjoy a hour of World Reggae Party with me: Goddess Genise!


Studio Session - Blue Hills Ladino Music

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Blue Hills is a mostly-acoustic modern folk music group performing classic Ladino, Hebrew, Russian, and Greek folk songs. This 60min production showcases their Ladino repertoire (Jewish music by way of Spain), with classic favorites like A La Una, Morena, and Adio Kerida, and new Ladino songs written by dynamic singer Rivka Amado.

Multi-instrumentalist Nathan Ladyzhensky is highlighted in several tunes, playing violin, six- and 12-string guitars, drums, and mandolin.

Ms. Amado precedes most tunes with a brief explanation of the song history and meaning.

Portraits: The First Black American Divas of Songs and Opera

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“Portraits: The First Black American Divas of Song and Opera”: Produced by Dina Cancryn via a grant to benefit K-12 classrooms, “Portraits” combines live performances and costumed historical monologues to introduce children to the great American Divas, Elizabeth Taylor-Greenfield, Sissieretta Joyner Jones and Marian Anderson. “The Black Swan”, “The Black Patti” and the famous soprano, all tell their stories of struggle as black women trying to perform and hone their craft over a slave holding/segregated/sexist/patriarchal 150 year swath of American History.

Butterfly Town USA

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Butterfly Town USA - Newly released film documents the work of citizens working to preserve a Monarch Butterfly sanctuary.

An OSCAR-nominated, EMMY-winning team kicks off 2020 by releasing a film that documents efforts to protect a threatened Monarch Butterfly Sanctuary. This film had been broadcast exclusively on Public Television stations nationwide for two years. The team just received word of expanded broadcast rights to include Cable Access, PEG Media stations and personal use.

TRAC - Fences & Locks to Jobs & Paychecks

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A documentary on the TRAC program at the Washington State Corrections Center for Women. A pre-apprenticeship training program that teaches the basics of the building trades skills and life skills. The program is offered in the last year of incarceration so that the graduate can step out of prison and into their choice of 8 different unions as apprentices. TRAC is a huge success. About 40% of the women who complete their sentences will return within a couple of years having reoffended. The TRAC graduates? 3% Women who return to the community but not the same old life.

75 Years After Hiroshima/Nagasaki -- Rolling Back the Nuclear Arsenal

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75 Years After Hiroshima/Nagasaki -- Rolling Back the Nuclear Arsenal

This one-hour program features a powerful eyewitness account by a Setsuko Thurlow, a survivor of the Hiroshima bombing.  Ms. Thurlow provides her memories of the day the atomic bomb dropped, post-war Japan, how she became an activist, and her work with the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), winner of the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize.