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The adventures of six Yolo County girls and one of their dads are featured in a new reality show, Yolo YoYo’s. The show premiered on Davis TV-15 on September 15, 8 pm. New episodes play every Sunday Night at 8pm.

Macey Davison, Josie Gibbs, Chris Hennessy, Hannah Hennessy, Allison Hulbert, Milea Johnson and Ella Townsend are featured in the series — produced by award-winning Woodland filmmaker (and Hannah’s dad), Chris Hennessy.

“There’s nothing I enjoy more than spending time with Hannah,” Hennessy said. “I love the vibe that morphs throughout the house when her friends come over to play. Hanging with the kids, being able to be a kid myself, doing what I love doing with Hannah and her friends has been incredible fun. I’m doing what I wanted to do if I grew up.”

Intended to be an uplifting, fun program for the entire family to watch, production began over the summer at local locations like Sweetville Candy and events such as the Woodland Celtic Games and Food Truck Mania. The team has also recently made appearances at the Yolo County Fair and Yolo Food Bank’s grand opening.

Episodes will show the cast’s unscripted and unrehearsed interactions with people they encounter while out and about at various venues and events.

“I love creating situations and stories organically, on the spot. Not knowing which direction we’re headed until we start heading there is exhilarating,” Hennessy explained. “Yolo YoYo’s combines my love for performing ad-lib comedy with the live, in the moment innocence and merriment of the girls, ages 10 through 12.”

Hennessy was inspired to make the show after moving from San Jose to Woodland in April 2018.

“YoYo’s evolved when I began realizing how little I missed the Bay Area, and how I was falling in love with Woodland, Yolo County and the Sacramento Metro area too,” he said.

“When the girls and I pull off in the car on the way to film an episode or make an appearance at an event, it’s the thrill of a lifetime. I’m so very proud of the girls. They love this and do great work in front of the camera.”

A trailer for the show was released Sept. 4 on Davis TV-15 and on the Yolo YoYo’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

The series premieres on Sept. 15 and will play at 8 pm on Sunday nights. New episodes will be released weekly through January 2020, and can be found on their Facebook and YouTube the day after their original airing.

Hennessy is looking for donations from businesses and organizations to create promotional items to give out. He is also on the search for underwriters to help defray production expenses.

Get more information about the Yolo YoYo’s or contact Chris Hennessy. (see below)

Yolo Yolo's - A New Reality TV Show
"Hannah & friends fun & uplifting adventures through Yolo County."
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Produced by Chris Hennessy 
Film Maker - Video Producer - Author - Motivational Speaker

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Get more information about the Yolo YoYo’s or please contact Chris Hennessy via: Instagram @yoloyoyoswoodland FaceBook fb.me/yoloyoyos YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-OaTpOIePto8biyYPji29w
Producer/Director/Creator Chris Hennessy The Yolo YoYo’s are: Macey Davison Josie Gibbs Chris Hennessy Hannah Hennessy Allison Hulbert Milea Johnson Ella Townsend editors - Chris Hennessy Jordan River Music by - Conscious Souls “My Time to Shine” Written By Conscious Souls Produced By Sunstroke Entertainment Logo Bunny O’Brian Graphix

Yolo YoYo's Episode #2 - Touch-a-Truck - September 22, 2019

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Touch‐A‐Truck is an educational community event that provides children a hands‐on opportunity to see and touch heavy machinery and meet the people who operate it.

Touch‐A‐Truck 2019 was located at the outside of Woodland Public Library. Trucks and official vehicles from all over town were there to visit with kids and their families. The Yolo YoYo's visited, touched and played on tractors, a double decker bus, fire truck, garbage truck, an armored car, oil truck, crane, ambulance, police car (including a real-live chase scene!), wore a bullet-proof vest and much more!

Yolo YoYo's Episode #1 (Premiere Episode) 'Kids Deserve R-E-S-P-E-C-T'

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In Episode #1 the Yolo YoYo's visit two candy stores on Main Street, downtown Woodland, CA. Sweet Ville Candy and Sawyers Sweet Spot were generous enough to show the girls around their stores. You've probably heard the saying, "It's like a kid in a candy store." To actually see three girls in a candy store, totally unscripted is so very precious and hilarious, if you can imagine."   

Arguably the funniest moment happened when dad exclaimed, "I've got a surprise. We've arranged a sleepover tonight at this candy store!"

Yolo YoYo's Season 2 Episode 9 - Ending Hunger in Yolo County!

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Yolo YoYo’s in, ‘Ending Hunger in Yolo County!’
Joy Cowan gives the girls an exciting, unforgettable tour of the Yolo Food Bank.  They used to have to turn food away before the new building opened August, 2019
Yolo Food Bank now feeds some 24,000 people in need, every month!
Learn how you, can Nurture Yolo
Filmed Jan 2020 @ Yolo Food Bank

Yolo YoYo's Season 2 Episode 7 - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Theatrical Dance Class at Woodland Opera House

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Yolo YoYo’s in, ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ - Theatrical Dance Class at Woodland Opera House

- Woodland Opera House’s Emily-Jo Shepherd, Education Director
- YoYo’s learn a full dance in only ONE HOUR per top-shelf instruction and encouragement
Filmed Jan 2020 @ Woodland Opera House
season 2 episode 7

Yolo YoYo's Season 2 Episode 8 - Psyched for an Open Mic in Yuba Dooba

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Yolo YoYo’s in ‘Psyched for an Open Mic in Yuba Dooba’

Featuring the Yolo Yoyo’s and some of the best talent in Northern CA
Filmed at Steele House Coffee, Yuba City, CA
awesome ambiance, coffee, folks and food
Season 2 Episode 8

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Yolo YoYo’s Season 2 Episode 5 - Time to Cheer in High Gear through the Stratosphere for 2021

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Yolo YoYo’s in ‘Time to Cheer in High Gear through the Stratosphere for 2021’
short, rockin video - uplifting moods to the moon
Live from their spot at ‘Woodland Christian School Christmas Drive-Thru Parade, 2020’
- including hilarious clips from Yolo YoYo’s On Good Day Sacramento
- The Yolo YoYo’s desire an awesome 2021 and beyond, with healthy good times and loving relationships for all.
- “The most energetic Good Day Sac of 2020! Thx so much Yolo YoYos!”
Good Day staff
Season 2 episode 5

Yolo YoYo's Season 2 Episode 6 - Trash-the-Trash! - Clean Up Woodland

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Yolo YoYo's in “Trash-the-Trash! - Clean Up Woodland"

Woodland’s Yolo Yoyo's pitch in with 100 other members of the community,

including Council Member Tom Stallard, Mayor Rich Lansburgh & Police Chief Derrek Kaff

to do some much-needed clean-up on Main Street, Woodland, CA