Artist's Connection - Songwriting

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This episode's discussion on songwriting features insights and performances by Mikel Paul, Steve Kahn, and Cedar Seeger. 

In The Studio - Repurposing with TOREMA

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Jeff Shaw hosts Larry Fisher, Inventor, Master Recycler, Cool Davis Eco-Hero.

topics discussed include: needs in 3rd world countries vs. wastage in 1st world countries, how Larry came up with the concept of TOREMA-Totally Recycled Materials, the waste stream in Yolo County, how items thrown out can be reused to create other items.

In The Studio - Justice For All

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Lin Weaver hosts Steven C. Sabbadini, Attorney at Law.

topics discussed include: what it is to be a criminal defense lawyer, negative public perception, their valuable role and who the defendants are.  

In The Studio - Steve Rosenfield- "What I Be Project"

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Joselyn Lua hosts Steve Rosenfield, photographer and creator of "What I Be Project."

Social media:              

In The Studio - Driving The Music

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Eunah Cho hosts Jonathan Spatola-Knoll, Graduate Student in Music, UC Davis.

To sign up for the summer symphony, contact:

jdspatolaknoll at ucdavis dot edu

topics discussed include: summer symphony, roles & responsibilities of a conductor, nurturing musicians of all levels.

In The Studio - Staying Safe Using Technology

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Lin Weaver hosts Lt. Brian Buckley, Director of Security for UC Davis and Andy Fell, Associate Director News & Media Relations, UC Davis.

topics discussed include: Aggie Guardian, WarnMe, Aggie Alert, and Cadet Academy.

Your Sanctuary - Marine Debris

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Your Sanctuary is a series of videos that document and seek to preserve the treasures, pleasures, environment, science and people in the region of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Artist's Connection - Art Education

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Kevin Fagan talks to Alicia Murphy, Brian Souders, and Laura Sandage about Art Education and its importance in their musical careers and lives. Featuring performances by each artist.

In the Studio - Next Gen Classical Musicians

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Eunah Cho hosts USC music students Eunghee Cho, Kenneth Liao, Jiyoung Park, & Tomomi Sato. 

topics discussed include: a candid discussion about the future of classical music from an insider's perspective, musical performance by the guests.


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