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Live in Studio A is a weekly hour-long program aired on KDVS 90.3 FM. Since 1987, Live in Studio A has featured a different band every week, from California and all over the world, representing every style of music. The original Studio A was located inside KDVS in the basement of Freeborn Hall at UC Davis.

In The Studio - Mosaic Tea & Coffee

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Lin Weaver hosts Miriam Rocke, Shannon Ramsey, and Amanda Kimball, volunteers at Mosaic Tea & Coffee.

Topics discussed include: what is Mosaic Tea & Coffee, non-profit social enterprises, and job training for adult with disabilities.

In The Studio - Brewing Beer Locally

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Jeff Shaw hosts Trenton Yackzan, Operations Manager at Sudwerk Brewery, and Mike Hutson, Head Brewer.

Topics discussed include: history of Sudwerk, the UC Davis Master Brewers Program, and craft beer brewing, including behind the scenes at Sudwerk.

UC Davis Campus Community Book Project Lecture Series - Half the Sky

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Case Study Africa:  Women's Economic Empowerment
Nathalie Minya, Tinogona Foundation; Discussion moderated by Nicki King, Human Ecology, UC Davis.  Excerpts from documentary, "Half the Sky" featured.
Sponsored by Davis Senior High School's "Race and Social Justice" Class and Office of Campus Community Relations and the Offices of the Chancellor.

Recorded by Davis Media Access October 17, 2013 at the Brunelle Theater, Davis Senior High School.

In The Studio - Trans Pacific Partnership Follow-up

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Lin Weaver hosts Jim Leonard, activist and community developer, and Nancy Price, activist and author.

Topics discussed include: the latest news on the Tran Pacific Partnership negotiations.

In The Studio - Yolo Bypass Floodplain Research

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Lin Weaver hosts Carson Jeffres, UC Davis Fish Ecologist.

Topics discussed include: the salmon and rice field work being done in the flood plains of the Yolo Bypass.

In The Studio - ObamaCare Explained

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Lin Weaver hosts Anne Gonzales, Public Information Officer, Covered California.

Topics discussed include: the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), myths vs facts, provisions of the new law.

Egyptian Update

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A conversation among:

Ashraf Seddeek, of the American Egyptian Strategic Alliance
Nancy Zayed, American Egyptian Activist
Saher Yassa, of Saint Mary's Coptic Church and an Architect

Produced by: Kirk Lewis
Directed by: Tyler Shaffo
Sound by: Eunah Cho
Cameras by: Kirk Lewis and Alex Silva-Sadder
Editing by: Ashley Hamlin

Recorded at DMA studio 11/14/13

In The Studio - Trans Pacific Partnership

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Lin Weaver hosts Jim Leonard, local activist, Nancy Price, activist and author, and Nick Buxton communications consultant and activist.

Topics discussed include: the alarming lack of tranparency about the negotiations leading to the agreement. Including the fast track legislation. 

What's Going On? - Robb Davis

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Jon Li speaks with Robb Davis, Davis City Council Candidate.


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