Strata: Portraits of Humanity - Apr'18

(1) TAC Tour of Iran 2017 was a 17-day journey to key ancient and medieval sites in the cradle of civilization. In this short video, tour participants express their reactions to a transformative experience, which will be repeated in 2018. (2) This film is primarily about the daily lives and traditions of the Turkic Alevi woodmen. The woodmen are a group of Turkmen who for centuries have carried on timber harvesting and living in the mountainous region close to the western and southern shores of Turkey.

Produced in 2018 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Copyright 2018 by Archaeological Legacy Institute

Web links:

The Archaeology Channel Tour of Iran 2018

The Forest Products Industry in Turkey (ResearchGate)

History of Iran (Iran Chamber Society)

Turkic Tribes (Revolvy)

Turkish People (Wikipedia)

28 min 18 sec
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