Fast Forward - Tim Powers

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Episode #294 of Fast Forward features an interview with award winning author Tim Powers. Mr Powers talks about his approach to conducting research and creating storylines for his novels of secret histories and the supernatural, and reveals the inspiration for some of the elements in his book, Medusa’s Web.

He also discusses his early childhood in Buffalo, NY, the creation of the character William Ashbless, and his long friendship with fellow writers James Blaylock and Philip K. Dick.

Fast Forward - Sarah Beth Durst

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Episode #293 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction features an interview with author Sarah Beth Durst! Ms. Durst talks about her book, The Queen of Blood.

Also in this episode:

Book reviewer Steve Cordle reviews two works by Mary Robinette Kowal - Forest of Memory and Ghost Talkers

Anime reviewer Marianne Petrino gives the anime film The Boy and The Beas her highest rating - 5 chans.

NOTE: The online version only contains the interview.

Fast Forward - Alan Smale

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Episode #292 of Fast Forward: Contemporary Science Fiction

The episode features a new interview with author Alan Smale, who talks about his novel Eagle and Empire, the last volume in his Clash of Eagles trilogy. He discusses his approach to updating the society of the Roman legion, while staying true to its basic premise. He also talks about the challenges of handling multiple different military cultures, creating realistic battle scenes, and the potential for future stories within this world.

BIZ101U TV - Goverment Influence on Business - M Basayne

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"GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE ON BUSINESS: featuring Mike Basayne - Candidate for Napa County Treasurer" where Host Rose Sheehan interviews Mike Basayne, Business Expert, Chair of the Napa County Tax appeals Board, and Candidate for Napa County Treasurer on what it takes to build a business successfully.

In The Studio - Contributions of Muslim Athletes

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Aleem Shabazz, Co-founder of Crescent Sports Media, hosts Imam Raqeeb Abduljabbar, of the Sacramento Islamic Resource Center.

Sacramento Islamic Resource Center
4301 Marconi Avenue
on Facebook, or 916-342-5054

topics discussed include: how the resource center got started, what resources are available there, how you can contribute knowledge and skills, the roles Muslim athletes have found themselves in, athletes and politics and how changing economics in sports have affected their willingness to speak out on political matters.

Recorded 02/13/20.