Cool Davis Driving on Sunshine 2020 Lindsey Terry eBikes

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Lindsey Terry gives a tour of her electric bicycles from Rad Bikes, a "Rad Wagon" and a "Rad Runner,"  as part of Davis Driving on Sunshine 2020. Kick your car to the curb!

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Cool Davis Driving on Sunshine 2020 Lynne Nittler

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Lynne shares gives a tour of her Village Home in Davis CA. Some of the features of her home include:

passive solar with shaded south side - grape trellis for lower windows and overhang for clerestory windows, no west windows and minimal east windows to minimize summer heat gain;

unique passive Solar:  sun-catcher with both roofs sloping upward from north to south and creating clerestory windows to let in winter sun to heat the water culverts filled with 1977 water. (There are 2 suncatchers in Davis, one in Sac, and 1 in Homer Alaska),

Peak Moment - The Resilient Gardener — Surviving and Thriving

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“We’ve had 50 years of unusually stable weather… What do we need to do now, to garden in times that are less predictable?” Plant breeder Carol Deppe, author of The Resilient Gardener: Food Production and Self-Reliance in Uncertain Times, suggests growing a wider variety of crops adapted to conditions where you are; crops needing minimum inputs; and varying gardening patterns with the year. “Short season crops are a premium,” she asserts. She discusses seed saving, and storing enough seeds so everyone in your neighborhood can be gardening if need be.

Peak Moment - For Humans, Bugs and Beauty — An Urban Food Forest Demonstration

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“This place is famous. People loving coming by here because at any time of year you can get something to eat.” Architect Mark Lakeman, co-founder of the City Repair project, gives a tour of the corner sidewalk outside his Portland office building, where a food forest is bursting with life. A diagram shows where over 80 plants are located in six or seven vertical layers. Tall fruit trees, flowers, a grape arbor, herbs, berries, small vegetables, and ground cover are abundant.

Peak Moment - Share-It-Square - Creating Neighborhood Gathering Spaces

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Every year for the past two decades, the neighbors near Sherrett Street in southwest Portland repaint their colorful street intersection. Resident Mighk Simpson gives us a tour on painting day. On the sidewalk corners are spacious cob benches (with roofs), a children’s playhouse woven from tree branches and found materials, a beehive-shaped dispensary for the monthly neighborhood newsletter The Bee, a 24/7 Tea Station, and the first-ever “Little Free Library”, an innovation which has now gone viral around the world.

Peak Moment - The Open Source Seed Initiative - Protecting Our Food Commons

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Plant breeder Carol Deppe is passionate about making seeds available for all growers, rather than being in the control of a handful of corporations. “If we want to control the kind of food available and the kind of agricultural system that we want, we have to do our own breeding,” she explains. “What Open Source Seed Initiative (OSSI) does is create a pool, a protected commons, of germ plasm which will always be available for breeding. The OSSI pledge goes along with these seed varieties, but also if you breed new varieties.

Peak Moment - Ecovillages - A Leading Edge for Sustainability

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What might ecovillages show us about living sustainably? Political science professor Karen Litfin visited fourteen ecovillages in both developing and developed countries. The author of Ecovillages: Lessons for Sustainable Community looked for commonalities among such communities, whose intention is to live sustainably. Looking through the lenses of ecology, economics, community and consciousness, she found they share a common worldview: The web of life is sacred, and we’re part of that web.