Populist Dialogues - Organizing for the Common Good

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Justin Kertson is a Solidarity Organizer with Jobs with Justice (JWJ). Justin talks about JWJ, campaigns he has been involved with like 15 Now (to increase the minimum wage to $15/hour) and describes current campaigns like "Bargaining for the Common Good" and "Taking Action Against the Trump Agenda", working especially with the immigrant community. ""Why Unions Matter" is another JWJ current effort. Attacks on workers, including so-called "Right to work " laws proposed both at national and states levels. Justin ends the program with a strong statement of JWJ support for public banking.

Populist Dialogues - What a Fair trade agreement would look like

This episode is currently not viewable online.

National Organizing Director of Citizens Trade Campaign, Elizabeth Swager, talks with us about corporate trade agreements, like NAFTA, CAFTA and many more. She draws the differences between these agreements and what progressive people and organizations would like. Progressives want policies which are fair and just for the people, no for multi-national corporations. She cites one specific example of how these agreements have elevated corporate rights over human rights.