Libertarian Counterpoint

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1. 3 PLF case representing the 3 P’s of our practice areas:

a. Clark v. Seattle (personal liberties)

b.People for the ethical treatment of property v. Us fish and wildlife service (property rights)

c. Center for biological diversity v. Zinke (procedural guarantees)

2. California Considering Ban on internal combustion cars

3. New Tax Plan could hit Californians hard

Libertarian Counterpoint

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1. Las Vegas shootings: Reason to rethink gun control or rethink prescribing of drugs designed to deal with “mental health issues?”

2. Can Trump handle Kim il Jung? Does he need handling?

3. More than half of all California Students miss English Standard. Even more fail at math. Is it time for School Vouchers?

4. Venezuela: How much proof do we need that Socialism doesn’t work

Sci-fi Journal - Oct'17

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Sci-Fi Journal for October 2017 shot live at HASCON in September at the Rhode Island Convention Center with hosts James Hinsey, Jay Kingston, Marc Morisseau and Calvin Watts III. Marc interviews Ken Rogers of Real Movie Toys who brought a Star Wars Landspeeder. Calvin interviews Liz Lamb-Ferro of Wizards of the Coast who talks about Magic: The Gathering, and MTG Arena. Jay does Popcorn Previews with trailers for Hasbro's "My Little Pony: The Movie", "IT", "Mother!" and "Insidious: The Last Key". James does Anime Daisuki covering anime news from Japan and in the US.

Media Edge

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"The Laura Flanders Show" (26 minutes)

Anti-Trump is not enough! This week, the Laura Flanders show comes to you from Berlin. In the lead up to the German elections, the German left is saying that opposing Trump is simply not enough. But the left has work to do too, as we'll see. Then, two guests join us in Cape Town, South Africa to discuss new governance from the left.