Yolo Leaders Forum: "Yolo Talks" on Innovation

Yolo LAFCo (Local Agency Formation Commission of Yolo County) presents the Yolo Leaders Forum:  "Yolo Talks" on Innovation.   Sponsor Davis Media Access recorded the talks on Thursday, April 30, 2015 at DMG MORI in Davis, CA.

This program contains the entire event below:

  • Welcome: Jim Provenza, Yolo County Board of Supervisorsers
  • Why Innovation Matters: Don Saylor, Yolo County Board of Supervisors
  • Moderator David Hosley
  • "Bridges to Housing for the Homeless" - Lisa Baker, Yolo County Housin
  • "Code for America" - Jon Robinson, City of West Sacramento
  • "Student Engagement and Economic Development (SEED): Cultivating Employees for Yolo's Ag Economy" - Brandi Asmus, Woodland Community College
  • "Farm to School" - Patty Rominger, Winters Farm to School
  • "Securing our Water Future" - Tim Busch, City of Woodland
  • "Investing in Woodland Youth" - Paul Navazio, City of Woodland
  • "Alternate Dispute Resolution: Bringing Restorative Justice Process to Police / Citizen Interactions" - Darren Pytel, Davis Police Department
  • "Cultivating Opportunity with Urban Agriculture" - Mary Kimball, Center for Land-Based Learning
  • Closing Thoughts with Don Saylor, Don Saylor, Yolo County Board of Supervisors

1 hour 15 min
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