Yolo YoYo's Season 2 Episode 3 Teaser - More Miracles on College Street

Yolo YoYo’s Teaser, ’More Miracles on College Street'

The Phenomenal stories behind the Yolo YoYo’s

Starring Macey Davison, Josie Gibbs & Ella Townsend

Full episode coming to Davis TV-15 on Sunday February 21

Season 2 Episode 3 (2nd of a 3-part episode)

Who are the Yolo Yoyo’s behind the scenes?

- Macey came within a hair of being stillborn…

She only had a 1% chance of being born alive!

Josie & Ella live right across the street from each other.

Ella lives next door to Hannah & I.

Macey is an enyire 6 blocks up College St.

- All are amazing & multi-talented actresses/singers/dancers/comics (ages 12-9-6)

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Yolo Yolo's - An award-winning Reality TV Show

"Hannah & Friends fun & uplifting adventures through Yolo County & Beyond.”

Season #2 - Feb 2021 through April 20212

Davis TV Channel 15 (DCTV-15)

Sacramento Channel 18

FaceBook  fb.me/yoloyoyos

Instagram  @yoloyoyoswoodland 

Produced by Chris Hennessy

Film Maker - Author - Motivational Speaker



Touched by Hannah - Chris Hennessy’s upcoming Memoir Book

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