State Government

Populist Dialogues - 13-11 Cooperative Governance

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Guest Alex Linsker, an organizer with Tax & Conversation, asks "What happens when companies are democratically run?" Tax & Conversation is a cooperatively run tax reform effort which is striving to write an Oregon ballot initiative to reform Oregon's tax structure. Currently there are approximately 400 tax exceptions (loopholes). What would happen if individuals and corporations paid all their taxes without being able to exercise tax exceptions?

Working for Water

This episode is currently not viewable online.

This documentary tells the story of the California State Water Resources Control Board's broad responsibilities to protect surface and ground water quality and the challenges of trying to balance competing demands on the state's water resources.  By profiling several Water Board employees around California and examing the projects they implement, viewers will come away with a better understanding of the Water Board's mission, and the importance of the agency's work.

Executive Producer: Margie Youngs, CSWRCB myoungs at