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A Hand Up - A Visit With Twinkle Borge

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A hand up, not a hand out is what Twinkle Borge, leader at Puuhonua o Waianae offers those who come to her for help. One of Oahuʻs largest encampments for houseless individuals, Puuhonua o Waianae is a safe haven for those living on the street yet want to recover their lives and re-enter society. As someone formerly living on the street herself, itʻs no wonder sheʻs helped countless others to get back on their feet. Join us in our amazing visit at Puuhonua o Waianae and youʻll see why Twinkle Borge inspires others to become successful every day of their lives.

A Gun To The Head - A Visit With Kyle Kajihiro

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Not many people know that Hawaii is one of the most militarized pieces of real estate on earth. Even fewer are aware that Pearl Harbor, known anciently as Keawalau O Puuloa, was once one of the largest food producing complexes in the entire Pacific. And thatʻs only part of what we learned from our tour with long-time peace and justice activist Kyle Kajihiro. Donʻt miss one of our most amazing interviews yet as Kyle shows us what this “Pearl Of The Pacific” once was and could be again.

League of Women Voters - Healthcare Reform: Demystifying Future Healthcare Options

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The League of Women Voters Davis Area MAS/MAL Unit presents

the 2nd Healthcare Forum

Healthcare Reform: Demystifying Future Healthcare Options

Speakers: Jodi Reid, Executive Director, California Alliance for Retired Americans & Anthony Wright, Executive Director, Health Access California

Moderator: Michelle Famula

Recorded 10/10/20.

Bill Dodd

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Bill Dodd (D) is one of two candidates running for the State Senate 3rd District in California and is the incumbent. Each candidate was invited to be interviewed by DMA’s Executive Producer Autumn Labbe-Renault, via our remote virtual studio. Each candidate was asked the same 3 questions.

In The Studio - Health Care for all California

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Health Care for All California is a grassroots movement that advocates for single-payer health care. Millie Brainstein is chair of the Yolo County chapter of this statewide organization. Host Autumn Labbe-Renault checks in with her at the conclusion of a half-day meeting of the Healthy California for All Commission meeting. The commission, which falls under the CA Dept. of Health and Human Services, is tasked with an enviromental analysis of health care delivery, coverage, and financing.

Recorded 08/13/20.

COVID-19 Community Report May 8, 2020

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COVID-19 Community Report - Episode 16 - May 8, 2020

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