State Government

Elections 2014 - Measure O - No on O

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Representatives of local ballot measures were invited to make a presentation in the Davis Media Access studio under identical conditions. Statements are up to 5 minutes in length and not edited.

Shall Ordinance No. 2432, which would authorize the City of Davis to reauthorize and extend the existing half cent sales and use tax for general government purposes and increase the sales and use tax by an additional half cent, for a combined one cent tax, through December 31, 2020, be adopted?

Dr. Jose Granda presents the argument for No on Measure O.

Populist Dialogues - 13-11 Cooperative Governance

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Guest Alex Linsker, an organizer with Tax & Conversation, asks "What happens when companies are democratically run?" Tax & Conversation is a cooperatively run tax reform effort which is striving to write an Oregon ballot initiative to reform Oregon's tax structure. Currently there are approximately 400 tax exceptions (loopholes). What would happen if individuals and corporations paid all their taxes without being able to exercise tax exceptions?