Talking Point - Why Beer with Charlie Bamforth

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Lin Weaver interviews UC Davis Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Department of  Food Sciences and Technology, Charlie Bamforth about humankind's oldest beverage,  beer.

Topics discussed are how the brewing of beer is done, the nutritional value of beer, what is drinking in moderation, the taste, look and alcohol content from beer to beer, and a short history of how malt, hops, and yeast were discovered by the nomads, and how in China brewing beer dates back to 5000 years BC.

Peak Moment - Grow Your Food in a Nook and Cranny Garden Pt2

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"We're here to help form things. We have a food forest mimicking what the natural forest does." Ann and Gord Baird's edible gardens make use of less-than-ideal growing spaces on their rocky knoll. Nook and cranny gardens optimize micro-climates -- water catchment for perennial plants, rocks that retain warmth to extend the growing period, and trees providing fuel, food and shade. They are transitioning away from the annual food plants. As more perennials get established, they're becoming foragers rather than cultivators.

Peak Moment - Beyond Cabbage - The Fermentistas Show Us How

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Let’s cultivate fermented food not only because it’s healthy, but for the wonderfully rich diversity of flavors! That’s what Kirsten K. Shockey and Christopher Shockey encourage. These food entrepreneurs show us how easy it is to make sauerkraut: slice and salt cabbage, scrunch it to get brine, press into a jar, weight it down, let it sit for a few days.

Peak Moment - Your Personal Baker - A Bakery CSA, Jen Ownbey

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Watch baker Jen Ownbey whip up a batch of zucchini bread while she talks with Janaia about doing what she loves. Every week, members of her bakery CSA (community supported agriculture) get a handmade, local, mostly organic, and even personalized box of breads and bakery desserts. Jen talks about getting started, selling wholesale and at growers markets, plus the joys, lessons, and challenges of running a solo business.

Chef's Day Off - Evan Hennessy - Fresh Oysters with Watermelon and Chipotle Dressing

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Guest Chef: Evan Hennessy making fresh oysters even more delicious with a dressing of watermelon and chipotle pepper. Perfect snack on the deck with warmer weather right around the corner! Hosted by Kathleen Somssich.

Chef's Day Off - Mary Ann Esposito - Risotto with Squash and Mascarpone

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Guest Chef: Mary Ann Esposito, Ciao Italia.

In a three-part appearance, special holiday guest chef Mary Ann Esposito, of Ciao Italia fame, shows us how to make popular Italian dishes. In her first segment, she makes risotto with squash and mascarpone.