The Road to Recovery - Language Matters - Talking About Addiction and Recovery

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How we communicate about addiction, treatment and recovery to people seeking and receiving help and individuals living in long-term recovery makes a difference.  Words have the power to help and heal, but also to discriminate and stigmatize.  Some terms have a negative connotation ("abuse" or "addict") that stigmatize people with an illness as well as those who provide the treatment and recovery services.  Other terms ("person in long-term recovery" or "substance abuse disorder") identify individuals and their illness with dignity and respect.  This episode will address the language that w

The Road to Recovery - Embracing Diversity - Crossing Barriers to Deliver Treatment to Everyone

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Addiction is not limited to any one race, religion, creed, or lifestyle.  Fortunately, neither are treatment and recovery services.  Achieving long-term recovery is often dependent on finding personalized treatment and recovery services that meet the specic individual's cultural, religious, or lifestyle needs.

The Lucky Man

This episode is currently not viewable online.

When you have everything to live for, but time runs out? An Emmy-winning film maker dying from ALS documents the last two year of his life.