Artist's Connection - Steve Seskin - Performance

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Steve Seskin is a twice Grammy nominated singer/songwriter. Steve has written seven #1 hits, His songs have been recorded by Tim McGraw, Kenny Chesney, and many other nationally known recording artists. In this episode, Steve discusses Performance and the importance of putting on a great show with tune smith and journalist, Kevin Fagan.

Painting Journeys - Grand Canyon, Grand Canyon National Park

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Standing on the South Rim and looking out over the Grand Canyon filled the Artist, Kitty Lynne Klich, with a deep sense of awe! The rugged beauty of this untamed area has called many an artist to interpret it. Klich's choice to make the outcropping with the tree her focal point, was carefully decided so that more of the Grand Canyon could be seen beyond. The changing colors of the Canyon are a feast for an artist's eyes.

Artist's Connection - David Maloney - Independent Artist

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David Maloney performs a song and then talks with Kevin Fagan about being an Independent Artist.

David Maloney is a singer/songwriter based in San Anselmo, California. Dave’s musical career spans 46 years, and he is one of the founders of the West Coast Folk/Roots movement. Dave has released 11 solo albums, and 13 albums with Ginny Reilly as the folk duo, Reilly and Maloney.

Host Kevin Fagan is an award-winning journalist at the San Francisco Chronicle and a longtime musician and songwriter.

Artist's Connection - Matt Jaffe - Performance

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Season 2 of Artist's Connection kicks off with a new format and musician Matt Jaffe.  He performs a song and then talks with Kevin Fagan about the subject 'Performance at a Show.' 

Matt Jaffe is a singer/songwriter based in Marin County, CA. He and his band, The Distractions, have performed at East and West Coast venues and are starting a national tour in September. Matt's EP, "Blast Off," was released April 2015. In this episode, Kevin and Matt discuss performance and Matt talks about what he hopes to accomplish when he and his band take the stage.