Urban Bee Keeping

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BWFL 031 Urban Bee Keeping

An introduction to urban beekeeping for people interested in keeping honey bees. Topics covered: Why Keep Bees? - Why Not Keep Bees? - Things to Think About - Time commitment - Honeybees - Equipment - Resources. Jack and Ellen Miller of the West Plains Beekeepers Association in Spokane, Washington created this presentation. Ellen Miller gave this talk at a local country library.


How to Make a Community Garden for Everyone

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How To Make A Community Garden For Everyone

Sandpoint, Idaho’s incredible community garden flourishes and nourishes the local community in many ways.

Here’s how you to can create a beautiful bountiful community garden and also a wonderful garden at home.


Michelle Valentine - S4E4 - Publishing Advice for Writers

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Romance Novelist, Helene Radjeski-Edwards, will explain what romance novels entail (hint: it’s not just about sex). If you are interested becoming a published romance writer, find out how! Helene tells us how the titles for her books come to light and about the writing and publishing process. She also explains the roles of editors that play a part in the publishing process and why editors change book titles.

Michelle Valentine - S4E3 - How to be a Romance Novel Writer

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Romance Novelist, Ruth Owen, is on the show with us! She is speaking about her book, The Gambler’s Daughter. Also, she will reveal another interesting detail to the book and where she captures inspiration from for her romance novels. Best of all, this published romance novelist gives the dirt on how to become a romance writer.

Michelle Valentine - S2E6 - Romance Novel Writers Workshop

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Michelle Valentine speaks with authors Cheryl Ann Porter, Terri Lynn Wilhelm, Paula Tanner Girard and Glenda Sanders. This is the episode to watch if you want to indulge yourself in the exciting world of romance novels. Sit back, relax and learn about romance novels and what it takes to become a better writer.

Home Cooling Part 1: Evening Cooling

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This video goes over how to cool your home with the Delta Breeze and avoid peak energy cooling by load shifting. Using your windows in the evening is one of the best ways to lower your evening cooling energy.

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LiveCoolDavis Vlog1: Changing Your Filter Heating and Cooling

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This video describes how to change your home heating and cooling system filter.

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