Cuba, Libre? - Pt2 - Voices of the Present

Part 1 of "Cuba, Libre?" showed Cuba as an exotic tourist destinations for Americans during the decades before the revolution led by Fidel Castro in the late 1950s ultimately resulted in the severing of diplomatic ties between Cuba and the United States.

In part 2 of the documentary, five travel writers describe how Cuba changed from the early 1990s when, after the demise of Cuba's financial benefactor, the government of Fidel Castro began to look to tourism to bolster the country's sagging economy and American tourists began to visit the island once again.

Further changes in U.S.-Cuba relations took place after Raoul Castro replaced his brother as Cuba's President, and after he and U.S. President Barack Obama announced the easing of restrictions on travel between the two countries as part of the move toward normalizing diplomatic relations.

Cuba, Libre? was created by Dick Jordan.

"Cuba, Libre?" is a Finalist in award competition at the 2019 Davis International Film Festival. It will be shown at about 2:30 pm on Friday, October 25th at the Veterans Memorial Theater in Davis.

28 min
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