Make Music Davis Day - Davis Independent Music Initiative Showcase 2021

The tradition of the global Make Music Day is to bring communities together for a day of diverse music-making including all ages and all levels of performance.   In honor of the international “Make Music Day” celebrated across the globe each June 21st on Summer Solstice, we present the “Make Music Davis- DIMI Showcase 2021.”

This year’s local virtual celebration in Davis is designed to complement the work of the ongoing Davis Independent Music Initiative project that is helping to support and elevate emerging musicians in Davis, organized by Joel Daniels, and funded by a City of Davis Community Arts Grant.

This song-showcase video highlights five emerging local young musicians/bands from the DIMI project recorded by Davis Media Access at the City of Davis Veterans Memorial Theatre.   Those performers are: Joshua Wisterman, Robespierre's Revenge, Max Riley, The Racquetbangers, and Minor Inconvenience.  

Our host is Pieter Pastoor, producer and host of Listening Lyrics on KDRT 95.7 fm.   

Make Music Davis 2021 is partially supported by funding to DMA from the City of Davis Arts and Cultural Affairs Program.

1 hour 2 min
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