The People's Vegetarian Kitchen - The Building Blocks of Our Food - Part 2

The Building Blocks of Our Food - Why Vegetarian Is Healthier. Physicians and experts inform why vegetarians live longer. What risks are associated with eating meat? And what is actually in our foodstuffs …? In this program series of lively discussion groups, a competent expert team of physicians and nutritionists comment on various topics regarding nutrition and health.

Also: What do fruit and vegetables contain? Dr. H.-G. Kugler MD takes a close look at the smallest building blocks of our food. Learn interesting details about vitamins, minerals, protein components and secondary plant compounds, which have been researched more intensely only in recent years and which are of great significance for our health.

Parallel to the medical conversations, in a vegetarian-vegan cooking studio, the Swiss gourmet chef Christoph Michels demonstrates how healthy foods can be prepared into delicious vegetarian dishes easily, quickly and with pizzazz!

29 min
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