In The Studio - In-Home Supportive Services: Making a difference

Host Steve Streeter talks with Kim Britt, Manager, Yolo County In-Home Supportive Services and Kate Laddish, Chair, In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Committee about programs and services offered through In-Home Supportive Services and Public Authority. Topics discussed included who is eligible, how to apply, understanding and managing care givers, as well as training for consumers & providers. They also talked about the Advisory Committee and their many accomplishments, as well as efforts to recruit additional people to serve as members of the committee.

To apply for IHSS please call: In Home Supportive Services (IHSS) at  530-661-2955

To request a referral list of IHSS providers please call IHSS Public Authority at 530-661-2676

To learn more about becoming an IHSS Advisory Committee Member 530-661-2758

Recorded 7/6/2022

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